Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What I did today....

Dust.....many many dust bunnies, a whole herd is now gone. Okay, so I hadn't dusted in my bedroom sense oh probably last summer. But all I do is sleep in there so it's real easy not to see them at ....... (insert more really lame excuse here). Anyway everything is clean and shiney cause Cindy is coming in the morning, her husband is out of town so we are going to craft and play for days! She will even sleep over on Thursday night and we can go back to her house Friday for more goofing off, maybe even a movie...yeah!

Oh the moon! We stood out in the cold and watched the eclipe tonight, so amazing. It's unusual for for the sky to be clear in Oregon in Febuary, so that made it extra special. I could hear other people out watching it, quiet voices murmuring in the dark. The moon looked like a burned cookie....extra big and close. Spooky and magic..... oh speaking of magic, I love this image. the bottles, the letters, the lighting ... all wonderful.

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