Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hey there

Wooo, its a whole nother season sense I last wrote here...huh.  We are having cold freezy weather, like in the teens at night and warming up into the twenties during the day, just like winter.
We did our two Christmas Sales this weekend, they were great this year...YEAH!!!  And sales on Etsy have been crazy good for Jeff the past couple of weeks too, he's even been sold out of toys.
This is going to be a better Christmas than last year, I can tell. Last year was just a couple of months after losing Mom, so that was hard.  Then we had lots of deep snow at Christmas, like it hadn't snowed that deep in 40 years. So Jody and the guys couldn't make it out for Christmas Eve ( the big  deal in our family), okay we will muddle through the three of us. But there was also too much snow to go to Astoria for special seafood, darn. Then about 3 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve,  Jeff and I were picking up stuff at the grocery store and the lights went out.  So no baking beggar bundles, making a special shrimp dinner.....heat in the house, no.  We had salami and cheese sandwiches huddled around the smokey fireplace and went to bed. The lights came back on at 9pm. 

This year we are planning on going into Jody's house, Christmas in the city....Woo-wooo!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeff's garden

Just a few images of Jeff's tomatoes, peas and wild blackberries....very lush indeed.
Will steam the peas, make salads and salsas with the tomatoes and cobbler with the beautiful berries.......ummmmm!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good grief!

I haven't been back here sense MAY! What a lazy toad am I!
Okay...it's been a hot summer and I was planning and plotting for the big FaerieWorlds Festival the first weekend of August. Made a ton of crowns, new wings out of cellophane, weedled Jeff into going with me...... then a month before the event they moved it to a big county park out in the country outside of Springfield (Oregon). Little did anyone now it would land right in the middle of a heat wave, like 100 plus heat, no shade agggh! And the grounds were raw, lumpy bumpy and holes, clumps of dryed grass, thorny weeds and berry brambles. It was all way too big and spread out, sales were awful and I got heat stroke on Saturday. The good side, got to stay with my cousin and visit with her. The little grasshoppers that bounced up as you walked across the field and a lot of pretty dragonflys. Jeff was a prince to take me down and help with everything.

My cousin Linda was having her own dramas; trying to clearout and rebuilt her big craft room and at the same time they had roofers there and a contractor too after the roof guys found dryrot..... all this in the heat wave. Plus they wanted to leave on a camping trip while her husband was on vacation.

So anyway, here are some photos from Faerieworlds...haven't decided if I will go back next year....hummm
starting work on Halloween and a few special orders to clear up.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

new stuff from the guys...

Okay........here's some new things the guy's have whomped up out in the wood shop and Lily napping outside the hot tub house......she has a really busy life.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Last Childrens Fairy Festival

Yes...last weekend was the last Childrens Fairy Festival at Alpenrose Dairy...kind of bittersweet.
The weather was the usual eclectic spring mix..... gusty winds, sunshine and little rain then later in the afternoon it POURED. Dumping down rain with knock the tent over winds...so we packed up early. But up till then everything was lovely, nice families, happy music and many parades of cute fairies and animal creatures......very sweet. Why am I writing this a week late? Because I lost last week with the worst tooth pain ever. This was a hold your swollen face, whimper and rock your sad sorry self toothache...it was a 10....dang. It took all week to settle down and die. In about a week...root canal fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

it was a nice day...

This was Easter.....nice flowers, we had a good day and a lovely dinner.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bad bunnys! and bad dogs too...off the table!

....so today I was shooting some things to post on etsy. Shot Dad's stuff in the living room, the light is nice there. And shot Jeff's boats out on the roof of the hot tub pump. It was cold, kind of foggy and someone was burning trash so the air was smokey...ahh, spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Buckman Sale.....

Karen, (now the Kindergarten Teacher) with her girls,
Cybelle (ready for a Rock Diva party, Cindy Lauper!!) and Delilah, all sharing their best smiles......

The sale went okay. A big relive after selling nothing at the DaVinci Sale at Christmas.....yes nothing, my worst sale ever. Just part of the worst Christmas ever.....
but it's over so let's move forward.

Anyway, Jeff and I were in our usual spots, he was in the auditorium and I was in the dance studio/gym at my round library table. Sat next to a nice jewelry lady, saw a lot of cute kids.
Now I just gotta wait for the check to come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dad's Valentines

Just posted these in Dad's etsy shop, www.goodwooddogs.etsy.com
He always made things like this for Mom.... they are tucked in all around the house....oh sigh.

Friday, January 30, 2009

something new......hats!

...so okay I bought these square brimmed hats at the gift show in Seattle so long ago I can't remember. And I pull them out, try one on, play with it...brim up, turn it...what ever and then put it back. But this time inspiration struck and ta-dah! So I cut them, sewed on trim and they look really cool....
I also found my hat box of berets
(used to sell them all ribbon embroidered....looked like something Heidi would wear...sold loads of them too) so anyway I appliqued a few for etsy....now if only they would sell!