Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hey there

Wooo, its a whole nother season sense I last wrote here...huh.  We are having cold freezy weather, like in the teens at night and warming up into the twenties during the day, just like winter.
We did our two Christmas Sales this weekend, they were great this year...YEAH!!!  And sales on Etsy have been crazy good for Jeff the past couple of weeks too, he's even been sold out of toys.
This is going to be a better Christmas than last year, I can tell. Last year was just a couple of months after losing Mom, so that was hard.  Then we had lots of deep snow at Christmas, like it hadn't snowed that deep in 40 years. So Jody and the guys couldn't make it out for Christmas Eve ( the big  deal in our family), okay we will muddle through the three of us. But there was also too much snow to go to Astoria for special seafood, darn. Then about 3 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve,  Jeff and I were picking up stuff at the grocery store and the lights went out.  So no baking beggar bundles, making a special shrimp dinner.....heat in the house, no.  We had salami and cheese sandwiches huddled around the smokey fireplace and went to bed. The lights came back on at 9pm. 

This year we are planning on going into Jody's house, Christmas in the city....Woo-wooo!