Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bad bunnys! and bad dogs the table! today I was shooting some things to post on etsy. Shot Dad's stuff in the living room, the light is nice there. And shot Jeff's boats out on the roof of the hot tub pump. It was cold, kind of foggy and someone was burning trash so the air was smokey...ahh, spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Buckman Sale.....

Karen, (now the Kindergarten Teacher) with her girls,
Cybelle (ready for a Rock Diva party, Cindy Lauper!!) and Delilah, all sharing their best smiles......

The sale went okay. A big relive after selling nothing at the DaVinci Sale at Christmas.....yes nothing, my worst sale ever. Just part of the worst Christmas ever.....
but it's over so let's move forward.

Anyway, Jeff and I were in our usual spots, he was in the auditorium and I was in the dance studio/gym at my round library table. Sat next to a nice jewelry lady, saw a lot of cute kids.
Now I just gotta wait for the check to come.