Friday, August 14, 2009

Good grief!

I haven't been back here sense MAY! What a lazy toad am I!'s been a hot summer and I was planning and plotting for the big FaerieWorlds Festival the first weekend of August. Made a ton of crowns, new wings out of cellophane, weedled Jeff into going with me...... then a month before the event they moved it to a big county park out in the country outside of Springfield (Oregon). Little did anyone now it would land right in the middle of a heat wave, like 100 plus heat, no shade agggh! And the grounds were raw, lumpy bumpy and holes, clumps of dryed grass, thorny weeds and berry brambles. It was all way too big and spread out, sales were awful and I got heat stroke on Saturday. The good side, got to stay with my cousin and visit with her. The little grasshoppers that bounced up as you walked across the field and a lot of pretty dragonflys. Jeff was a prince to take me down and help with everything.

My cousin Linda was having her own dramas; trying to clearout and rebuilt her big craft room and at the same time they had roofers there and a contractor too after the roof guys found dryrot..... all this in the heat wave. Plus they wanted to leave on a camping trip while her husband was on vacation.

So anyway, here are some photos from Faerieworlds...haven't decided if I will go back next year....hummm
starting work on Halloween and a few special orders to clear up.....

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