Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Last Childrens Fairy Festival

Yes...last weekend was the last Childrens Fairy Festival at Alpenrose Dairy...kind of bittersweet.
The weather was the usual eclectic spring mix..... gusty winds, sunshine and little rain then later in the afternoon it POURED. Dumping down rain with knock the tent over we packed up early. But up till then everything was lovely, nice families, happy music and many parades of cute fairies and animal creatures......very sweet. Why am I writing this a week late? Because I lost last week with the worst tooth pain ever. This was a hold your swollen face, whimper and rock your sad sorry self was a 10....dang. It took all week to settle down and die. In about a week...root canal fun!


mom, wife & private citizen said...

why are there no more fairy festivals at Alpenrose Dairy?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this festival will continue at a different time - perhaps with a fundraiser??